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Karakury dolls

These are  mechanical dolls of Edo era of Japan. 17th Century. 

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Geisha makeup

If you ever want to  dess up of Geisha , you should start by the makeup!

just priorities

Yellow Woodpecker Farm.

A series of books "Yellow Woodpecker Farm" has been created by the brasilian writer Monteiro Lobato at 1920.
This work became aclaimed across the television adaptation, at 1977.

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funny bus

School Bus in Ozaka, Japan.

I want take a drive in this bus!
Thanks to http://www.japaoemfoco.com/onibus-escolar-no-japao/

Hello Kitty stuffs

Cat in the hat

Look this amazing cat and his human best friend. They are seen together in the streets of  Porto Alegre, south of Brazil! The cat`s name is "Almir"! Lovely isn´t it? 

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Dartagnan dog, a very old cartoon.

Based in Alexandre Dumas work, this spanish cartoon was made at 1984 by BRB Internacional S.A. and conducted by Nippon Animation ( Japan).

D`artagnan and 3 Musquehounds .

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November 15 th  is holyday in Japan! The japanese people commemorates the Shichigosan Festival! 
The day of boys and grils. The japanese children`s day.

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Yes! Amazing!

Lotte Reiniger!

Viva, Lotte Reiniger!
Lotte was a great artist, and World of Animation owes her a eternal tribute.
She created wonderful animations using silouetes puppetry.
Was a acclaimed german artist who´s made the first long film in animation of History: The adventures of Prince Archmed" and many others briliant works.

Cosplay Kigurumi

"Kigurumi Doller" or "Animegao", are a new wave cosplay in Japan. They have a identical aspect of Mangá characters. Incredible!

Another style of Kigurumi are the "Fursuit". This cosplay represented  animal characters, or human half characters.. Like as Pokemon, Digimon and etc.

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Adorable Judy

Judy Gardland sing "Over the Rainbow", a famous song composed by Harold Harlen for the movie 
"The Wizard of Oz", 1939. 
Altough more than 70`th years have past, this movie remains how a enchanting  masterpiece remarcable of cinema.
At 1997 Judy has been awarded posthumously  whith the "Grammy Lifetime Achievment Award". 
The American Hall Institute put her between the ten best stars of american cinema history.

Judy Gardland

Goofy the movie!